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Main Product / Service

LED Lighting


2005.December    E-PRO DISPLAY CO.,LTD was established on Dec 2005.
                             The principal activities of EPRO are to perform processing for the STN large glass
                             segment, small size TFT CELL.Module and OLED back panel. Trading of small-medium
                             size TFT panels.
2006.December  Start processing LCD OEM orders and received ISO9000 recogintion on Dec 2006.
2008.July           Production center to focus on the TFT LCD Professional OEM Division, closed down the
                           LCM Division. Received IECQ QC080000 recognition.
2009.July            Diversification of business to establish the LED production division, PI chips  checks as
                           well as lamps assembly business on June 2009.
2011                   Traditional industrial technology development plan has been accredited by the Industrial             
                            Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2011.    
2012.October     Assembly line to be approved by UL on Oct 2012.
2013.January     Established EPRO Philippines subsidiary office on Jan 2013.

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